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pre-Hispanic civilization in the Americas.The scientists used genetic profiles of modern-day descendants of Inca emperors to reach their conclusions.From their ancient capital Cusco, the Incas controlled a vast empire called Tahuantinsuyo, which extended fro▓m the

west of present-day Argentina to the south of Colombia.They ruled for more than 200 years before being conquered by the invading Spanish in the 16th century.The em▓pire included the mountaintop citadel of Machu Picchu in modern-day Per

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u – now a UN▓ESCO World Heritage Site and a major tourist attrac▓tion.After becoming fascinated by the Inca culture, their▓ organizational skills and their mastery of engineering, researchers Ricar

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do Fujita and Jose Sandoval ▓of Lima's University of San Martin de Porres became interested in the genetic profile of their descendants.They said the aim of the study, the first of its kind, was to rev

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eal whether there was a unique Inca patriarch.“It's like a pater▓nity test, not between father and son but among peoples," Fujita told AFP.The scientists wan


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▓ted to verify two common legends about the origin of the Incas.One attributes them to a couple from around Lak▓e Titicaca, in Peru's Puno region. The other ident